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Nashville Fire Dept CISM

Maria Curran / CISM Teams

We are raising funds to provide more resources and improve the knowledge of our Peer Counselors
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About Nashville Fire Dept CISM

A group of us at Nashville Fire decided in 2010 that we were going to start a CISM team for our fire family. It took us about a year to make it happen but FINALLY on 9-11-11 our team became official!!! We felt that date was important due to the many first responders that still suffer due to the twin towers terrorist attacks. We are a peer driven, 100% volunteer team. Due to recent budget constraints, we are still unfunded by the Nashville Fire Department. We not only serve our Nashville Fire Department family, we offer CISM support in any middle Tennessee agency that calls on us in their time of need. We are currently in the process of becoming a regional team. We are working towards a network of Peer Counselors in various agencies and counties throughout the mid state area. 

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